Sunday, May 12, 2013

In the past month, over several blogs that I have written I have tried to do some out side of the box thinking with my blogs. I connected stories to others. These connection to me  remain simple to me in my own mind and I enjoy sharing them with you all. When this class began, I was interested in the true meaning of these stories. I found them all very education and interest. I specifically enjoy the way stories give morals and strength to people, the youth, and myself. These stories help to shape the minds and morals of humanity good or bad. They give people a part to love. The stories help the youth learn what is good, evil, and neutral. I think it has progressed even more with the creation of superheros. with the creation of superheros it give people a new spin on the old stories. Superheros  help define what is good, evil, and neutral in modern culture. Like the Grimm brothers did with old wives tales. With these superhero stories people will start to easily understand what is right and what is wrong in today's culture.  I like to think that story telling is like a yin yang spinning. Sometime evil wins and is in charge, but there is always that ray of hope. Then there is good. Good will overcome evil with hope and win, but there is still the idea of evil that will eventually try to take over and eventually will because power and hate are so easily achievable. This is the humans circle of life and what we base all of our good stories on. The constant battle of good and evil.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rags to Riches

Cinderella or Rags to riches tales are the American dream. It is inscribed in our culture and it extends to all over the world. The American dream is one of the reasons so many people came to America during the 1840's to the 1930's, and why they still do today.  immigrants were in search of their dreams. They wanted to make their lives better than how they once lived. Cinderella is a fictional retelling and probably the basis of the American dream. Not intentionally, but definitely a plausible influence. now with a little history and correlation I can answer the question: can someone reach success or riches with magic,marriage, charm, etc.? How realistic is? I think that this is very realistic and I will use one of the founding fathers as an example. Benjamin Franklin wealthy printer, harnesses of electricity, and ladies man. Benijmen Franklin went from clergy boy to the man on the one hundred dollar bill. If thats not a claim to fame I don't know what is. The man is eternal and you can be to. That's the American dream and the story of Cinderella. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Beard of Blue

the character bluebeard is a villain in every story. he a plotter and murder. he achieves his means to the women’s ends through deception. theses stories are in direct correlation to the greek story of pandora where god gives pandora a box  that hold all the human traits that we portray today. if curiosity wouldn't have gotten the best of pandora the human race may be more peaceful, but she opened the box and all the horrors of the human psyche where lets loose to run rampant on the earth. god then tries to destroy the demons of humanity with a flood...they all survive and wreak havoc on the new populous of humans. the horrors of the box can be directly correlated to bluebeard he is a nice man on the outside, but inside him he hold all the evil and his wife unlocks it. “the temptation was so great that she was unable to resist it. she took the little key and, trembling, opened the door.” After see has unlocked the door she is doomed to live with the weight of knowledge of this horror. she is condemned to die, but her brothers who represent the flood come and wash away bluebeard. “just at that moment there was such a loud pounding at the fate that Bluebeard stopped short. the gate was opened, and two horsemen swords in hand , dashed in and made straight for bluebeard. he realized that they were the brother of his wife...he fled instantly in an effort to escape. but the two brothers were hot in pursuit that they trapped him before he could get to the stairs. they plunged their swords through his body and left him for dead.” Still, the evil of Bluebeard’s deeds lives on in story, and such is the tragedy of pandoras box and the story of bluebeard.

By: Nolan J. Dickerson

Sunday, March 3, 2013

The Jungian View

The topic of this blog entry is “A Jungian View of Fairy Tales.” What is the relationship between fairy tales and the Jungian psychoanalysis? Make sure to include what Dr. Mazeroff talked about.

Jung's psycho analysis has a direct correlation to the the fairy tales that children express. the fairy tales delve into the feelings of that child and how they portray themselves. Because fairy tales are an escape and comfort children of their problems the one that a child picks is very important to how they feel about their life and how they want to  portray it and what outcome they want to achieve. another way to diagnose these issues could be with dream therapy which is a gateway into the subconsciousness of any human being  The dream world is a safe place where adults and children are safe and willing to express there desires and feelings without suppressing them like they do in the physical world. although dreams are always up to interpretations therapist and psycho analyzers have conducted qualitative research that is directly linked to what you could be dreaming and what it may mean to you. fairy tales are very much the same way. a fairy tale could be considered a written dream. anything can happen in a fairy tale like a dream, but it follows a specific story line that you cannot change if it becomes to scary or unlikable. fairy tales help to build a bridge to the subconsciousness mind of children when it is to difficult for the children to articulate how they feel in the physical world. with adults it is much easier to ask them: "what did you dream?" the continue with a psycho analysis from there. otherwise observations of their character in sessions should suffice for a  definition of their ego. fairy tales and dreams are a way to unlock ones ego, libido, persona, shadow, and self. fairy tales are constructed story lines to help people define their being and could be related to dreams. dreams are more individualized to one person, but still can be interpreted to define ones existence.

Blog by: Nolan J. Dickerson

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lil' Red

I found a Volvo commercial that incorporated Red Riding Hood and the wolf. The father asks the daughter : what does the wolf say and she replies with a howl. It seems that the girl is interested and curious and has learned about the wolf, but the girl answers her fathers question quickly looking for his approval. She has not defined herself and is bound by his approval. Until she defines herself she will be bound to him and competing for her fathers approval with her sisters and mother. She will be intrigued by her father because he is her provider and confidant. He has raised her and she is his. As she gets older, she will feel the growth of an emotional bond and she may not understand this in her youth through adolescence development. She may feel attracted to her father physically, but may only be confusing this physical attraction with emotional love for her provider. Until she breaks this bond and explores her sexuality with other people she will be bound to her father forever until the bond is broken. I thought the commercial was well played and interesting.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Blog Three

Children heroes are very common in the fairy world. In most culture to become a man the boy must go on quest to redeem his family, find love, or acquire prosperity for their kingdom. in the story of the Flower Queen's Daughter the prince must walk for four years before he even finds the princess. Along his long walk he is met by three wise men who tell him a direction and then they give him three tokens individually for when the prince needs aid. when the prince finally reaches the palace of dragons he ask for wealth. The three headed dragon queen agrees if he can watch her horse for three days. on the first day the horse runs away and the boy looks every where but cannot find the horse, so he rings the bell once and the king of the eagles appears and say my eagles with search the land. the eagles fly out and retrieve the horse. The prince brings the horse back to the queen and she rewards him with a cloak of bronze. the next day the horse runs away. the prince rings the bell two times and the king of the foxes appears. the fox king tell the price, " my foxes will search the forests." the foxes run out and search the woods and find the hiding horse and drive it back to the prince. at dust the prince return the horse to the stable and the dragon queen rewards the prince with a cloak of silver. on the third day the prince take the horse out to graze and again it disappears  he looks, but again cannot find it. he ring the bell three time and the king of fish appears before him. the king of the fish gurgles, "my fish will search the lakes." The fish then swim out and find the horse in the lake swim it back to the prince. the prince now returns to the dragon queen and she rewards him with cloak of gold. Later that evening there is a ball and the prince tell the princes that he is there to rescue her. he tells her to wait until midnight and then sneak out to the stables. the prince and the princess then make there get away on the dragon queen's horse, but are pursued by the dragon queen's brothers. they make it safely to the flower queen's castle where she protect the prince and princess and agrees to wed her daughter to the prince, but he may only spend spring, summer and fall with her. during winter she must stay with the queen. the prince agrees and they live happily ever after. In the story of the pagan hero and the christian saint a prince is sent on a quest to save his kingdom. both of these stories they go on quest for their own personal development for the ability and build responsibly to one day rule their kingdoms. they earn this through the trails they endure and the means in which they accomplish the quest. one prince is driven by love and the other is driven by exile and trickery. At the end of the story the find out why the have done the quest. the flower queen's daughter was about true love and the christian saint is about defeating an evil step mother. the princes suffer from anxiety. the prince is liberated by stealing away the princess from the dragon queen and the other prince is liberated by returning home in time.

An article by: Nolan Dickerson

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Folk and fairy tales come from all over the world and have been devolved by countless cultures, but what do they mean? In 2013USP_SIS_2015_01: Once Upon a Time: Folk Tales I am figuring that out. I am studying Freud and Jung's correlations of fairy tale culture to the human subconsciousness. Why do you find comfort and intellect in these stories. Well I like to think that life is a puzzle and these stories are a piece of the puzzle. Where does it fit into my life or others lives? The stories bring understanding to my life, not because you know whats going to happen next but because these stories are a copping mechanism for the hardships of everyday life. They bring hope when there is despair and love when it feels hopeless.  How did humans come up with similar stories across Continental divides, well most stories our built form our subconsciousness psyche. Freud and Jung discovered that the major of characters in fairy tales are the three egos of the mind: Id, Ego, and Superego. I think this is why some many fairy tales have motifs. I have talked about the characters in fairy tales, but what make a fairy tale a fairy tale. I think a fairy tale is a story of about the constant struggle between id and superego. As scholars we can boil fairy tales down, but the key ingredient will always be id, ego, superego, and a little magic.

An article by Nolan Dickerson