Sunday, February 10, 2013

Folk and fairy tales come from all over the world and have been devolved by countless cultures, but what do they mean? In 2013USP_SIS_2015_01: Once Upon a Time: Folk Tales I am figuring that out. I am studying Freud and Jung's correlations of fairy tale culture to the human subconsciousness. Why do you find comfort and intellect in these stories. Well I like to think that life is a puzzle and these stories are a piece of the puzzle. Where does it fit into my life or others lives? The stories bring understanding to my life, not because you know whats going to happen next but because these stories are a copping mechanism for the hardships of everyday life. They bring hope when there is despair and love when it feels hopeless.  How did humans come up with similar stories across Continental divides, well most stories our built form our subconsciousness psyche. Freud and Jung discovered that the major of characters in fairy tales are the three egos of the mind: Id, Ego, and Superego. I think this is why some many fairy tales have motifs. I have talked about the characters in fairy tales, but what make a fairy tale a fairy tale. I think a fairy tale is a story of about the constant struggle between id and superego. As scholars we can boil fairy tales down, but the key ingredient will always be id, ego, superego, and a little magic.

An article by Nolan Dickerson

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