Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lil' Red

I found a Volvo commercial that incorporated Red Riding Hood and the wolf. The father asks the daughter : what does the wolf say and she replies with a howl. It seems that the girl is interested and curious and has learned about the wolf, but the girl answers her fathers question quickly looking for his approval. She has not defined herself and is bound by his approval. Until she defines herself she will be bound to him and competing for her fathers approval with her sisters and mother. She will be intrigued by her father because he is her provider and confidant. He has raised her and she is his. As she gets older, she will feel the growth of an emotional bond and she may not understand this in her youth through adolescence development. She may feel attracted to her father physically, but may only be confusing this physical attraction with emotional love for her provider. Until she breaks this bond and explores her sexuality with other people she will be bound to her father forever until the bond is broken. I thought the commercial was well played and interesting.

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