Sunday, April 7, 2013

Rags to Riches

Cinderella or Rags to riches tales are the American dream. It is inscribed in our culture and it extends to all over the world. The American dream is one of the reasons so many people came to America during the 1840's to the 1930's, and why they still do today.  immigrants were in search of their dreams. They wanted to make their lives better than how they once lived. Cinderella is a fictional retelling and probably the basis of the American dream. Not intentionally, but definitely a plausible influence. now with a little history and correlation I can answer the question: can someone reach success or riches with magic,marriage, charm, etc.? How realistic is? I think that this is very realistic and I will use one of the founding fathers as an example. Benjamin Franklin wealthy printer, harnesses of electricity, and ladies man. Benijmen Franklin went from clergy boy to the man on the one hundred dollar bill. If thats not a claim to fame I don't know what is. The man is eternal and you can be to. That's the American dream and the story of Cinderella. 

Monday, April 1, 2013

Beard of Blue

the character bluebeard is a villain in every story. he a plotter and murder. he achieves his means to the women’s ends through deception. theses stories are in direct correlation to the greek story of pandora where god gives pandora a box  that hold all the human traits that we portray today. if curiosity wouldn't have gotten the best of pandora the human race may be more peaceful, but she opened the box and all the horrors of the human psyche where lets loose to run rampant on the earth. god then tries to destroy the demons of humanity with a flood...they all survive and wreak havoc on the new populous of humans. the horrors of the box can be directly correlated to bluebeard he is a nice man on the outside, but inside him he hold all the evil and his wife unlocks it. “the temptation was so great that she was unable to resist it. she took the little key and, trembling, opened the door.” After see has unlocked the door she is doomed to live with the weight of knowledge of this horror. she is condemned to die, but her brothers who represent the flood come and wash away bluebeard. “just at that moment there was such a loud pounding at the fate that Bluebeard stopped short. the gate was opened, and two horsemen swords in hand , dashed in and made straight for bluebeard. he realized that they were the brother of his wife...he fled instantly in an effort to escape. but the two brothers were hot in pursuit that they trapped him before he could get to the stairs. they plunged their swords through his body and left him for dead.” Still, the evil of Bluebeard’s deeds lives on in story, and such is the tragedy of pandoras box and the story of bluebeard.

By: Nolan J. Dickerson