Sunday, May 12, 2013

In the past month, over several blogs that I have written I have tried to do some out side of the box thinking with my blogs. I connected stories to others. These connection to me  remain simple to me in my own mind and I enjoy sharing them with you all. When this class began, I was interested in the true meaning of these stories. I found them all very education and interest. I specifically enjoy the way stories give morals and strength to people, the youth, and myself. These stories help to shape the minds and morals of humanity good or bad. They give people a part to love. The stories help the youth learn what is good, evil, and neutral. I think it has progressed even more with the creation of superheros. with the creation of superheros it give people a new spin on the old stories. Superheros  help define what is good, evil, and neutral in modern culture. Like the Grimm brothers did with old wives tales. With these superhero stories people will start to easily understand what is right and what is wrong in today's culture.  I like to think that story telling is like a yin yang spinning. Sometime evil wins and is in charge, but there is always that ray of hope. Then there is good. Good will overcome evil with hope and win, but there is still the idea of evil that will eventually try to take over and eventually will because power and hate are so easily achievable. This is the humans circle of life and what we base all of our good stories on. The constant battle of good and evil.

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